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Today De Saputro planned gathering to grandparents in Bekasi, and home father and mother.Besides friendship, of course, Dad's favorite culinary nostalgia when my father was still living in Bekasi, Bekasi west to be exact. Culinary now barely missed while on a visit home engkong is chicken soup Lamongan in housing New hope 1, if used for Nostalgia culinary, sometimes still have to share your favorite menu with Mother namely noodles Bangka, but I think now Mother has started craving chicken soup, : D

Approximately 15 years ago, when my father are still in high school, my father invited Engkong meal of soup in front of the shop New Hope, named Soto Lamongan. The place is simple, armed with wheelbarrows and a bench on the board, have a father together Engkong in the tavern Soto Ayam, the first experience is what makes Dad memorable, with a menu of soup mix (rice and sotonya mixed into the bowl), flavor sotonya really different, that's the first time father try soto Lamongan.

Since that time my father began to regularly invited Engkong enjoying soto Lamongan. Especially when it's Sunday morning, usually the father, Engkong, Pakde Reza and Ricky om specializes enjoying soto this one.Do not be confused if in office for New Hope, friends do not find writing Soto Lamongan, because the banner is not anymore but soto soto Lamongan Surabaya. Dad remembered, Lamongan Soto name change was triggered by the Bali bombing first, how come? What does the Bali bombing with soup?Back when the Bali bombing incident, the news really excited, almost everyone up to date with news on this one. Especially when the perpetrator vom Bali police successfully solved, there is one of the main actors who happened to come from Lamongan. This is where the event replacement name changed to Soto Soto Lamongan Surabaya originated.

Dad: why the banner is replaced mas?Seller Soto: Yes, bored I was asked what his deket the Bali bombers, he replied.Dad: ooo

This is how powerful the influence of evil, even a soup sellers who do not know anything about the purpose of the Bali bombers are also feeling the sap, how great evils caused Bali bombings. Is not Islam teaches the importance of morals?

Is it possible a religion which commands us to honor and do good to parents, teach us to bomb the innocent people, making people almost get Hidayah be hating Islam, create Muslim labeled terrorists, treated badly and many evils another result of the Bali bombing incident.So talking about the others, sorry yah friends. let me, because resentful wrote, because Islam does not know who my father like that (teach people so Parno)

Whatever writing soto name it now, then I will still remember him as Soto Lamongan.

Mixed mas, do not wear leather yes, it was a common word Father says to the seller soto for Dad's favorite menu. There are several options when enjoying chicken soup here, the first is split what menu mix, meaning rice mixed directly into the bowl or mixed in the stomach, nor the different split the plate. If you are young eggs, liver gizzard or claw even chicken head you can ask but of course depend on the inventory.Recently my father here, Mas seller who mixed sotonya, the result is tasty and the portions are certainly many, hehehe. Thanks to pack Soto Lamongan.

So, what have eaten chicken soup today?